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Our Mission

We have set ourselves on a mission of changing the way skin disease consultations are done, which will create a better experience of getting your skin problem treated and which is also convenient and available to all.

Our Vision

Leverage the latest technology available and augment doctor’s skill in making diagnosis of a skin disease more accurate, thereby increasing patient satisfaction percentages.

What is Teledermatology?

Teledermatology is the ability to photograph skin lesions and send the images securely to a Consultant Dermatologist to diagnose whether further treatment is necessary or not. Teledermatology can be used for both initial and followup consultations.

Why Teledermatology or an Online Skin Disease Consultation?

Dermatology is a Visual Science. In majority of the cases, just a couple of photographs of the skin disease is enough to provide a prescription and a treatment plan. This, in most cases, saves patients a journey to a hospital or a clinic to see a Consultant Dermatologist. Especially in a country like India, travelling to a clinic in a dusty environment and insane traffic can be really challenging and can drain your energy. Even after making it to the hospital or the clinic with great difficulty, you are not always assured of an immediate consultation. You may have to wait for the doctor to arrive or wait for your turn to come. Teledermatology can help you in overcoming all these obstacles at an even lesser cost.

Refer to our FAQs section where we have addressed common concerns of patients.

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