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What is Easyderma?

Easyderma is a web platform that connects people having skin issues with leading Dermatologists in India. Easyderma will be made available on Android too in the near future. The Dermatologist uses the photo and information you provide to create a personalized treatment plan (which almost always includes a prescription medication) entirely online. There is no in-person office visit required. We intend to deliver the medicines directly to the patients in the near future.

What is a consultation on Easyderma like?

A consultation takes about 5-10 minutes: Once you login, you will be allowed to select a Dermatologist from the list provided in our website and submit pictures of your skin issue using your webcam or smartphone or a digital camera. After that, you will answer some questions about your skin and any medications you are or were taking. Once you upload your skin issue pictures and answer our questionnaire, you will be directed to pay the consultation fee. The Dermatologist you selected will receive a notification and you will be provided with a prescription and additional information, if any. That’s it. Want to Sign Up?

What do I get with my consultation?

Once you have submitted the case, the doctor will review your condition and provide prescription and detailed advice on how to use the medications and other details that are required to take care of your skin. You will be sent a notification once your Dermatologist sends a prescription to you. You can login to your account and see all the information about your treatment plan in the Dashboard along with the option to view and download the prescription. You will also be provided with an offline chat option wherein you can send a message to the doctor on any doubts you have after viewing the prescription and the doctor shall reply to you at the earliest.

Are the doctors on Easyderma qualified to perform my consultation?

Yes, all the Dermatologists on Easyderma are qualified and experienced Dermatologists.

What device can I use to take my pictures?

A modern smartphone, webcam or a digital camera is all you require.

Can a doctor accurately diagnose my skin condition over internet?

Yes. Dermatology is a visual science and skin diseases can be easily diagnosed through images. You just have to make sure the pictures are clear enough before sending it securely to your chosen doctor. Doctors have been doing it for years and now we are making the service available for everyone. Doctor has been provided an option to send a message to you as soon as he/she views your case. This will ensure doctor to be sure of diagnosis.

If I have questions after doctor sends me a prescription, can I contact my doctor?

Yes. You can go to My Cases in your dashboard and when you view the case, you will see an offline chat option provided to communicate with the doctor in case you have any doubts that need to be answered or need clarifications on the medication written by the doctor.

Can I submit a follow up consultation?

Yes. To submit a follow up consultation, you will upload new photos of your skin and answer a few questions about your experiences with the medications you have been using. Your Dermatologist will perform a new examination and will either suggest you to continue the medication or provide a new prescription if he/she feels that you will benefit better with a new medication. The doctor will decide if a follow-up consultation will be free or paid. If it is a paid consultation, then the cost will be the same as that of an initial consultation.

I heard online consultations are better than an office visit. Is it true?

Yes, you are absolutely right. Easyderma believes in this entirely. In an online consultation, apart from you receiving an online prescription for your skin condition, you will also be provided written explanation on exactly when and how to apply your medication along with tips to avoid any irritation associated with any drug.

Every Easyderma visit asks you to mandatorily upload new pictures of your skin, which allows yourself and the doctor to track your progress over time.

Lastly, when a service like this is available, you do not want to travel to meet a Dermatologist in the congested traffic and dusty environment in India, at least in the major cities. You will also like to avoid the annoying waiting period in the clinic/hospital awaiting for your turn or even awaiting for your doctor to arrive.

Can I get treatment for more than one condition per visit?

Each visit covers the thorough review, diagnosis and treatment recommendations for 1 condition.

What if the doctor wants me to come in for an in-office visit (i.e. biopsy or diagnostic procedure)?

Your visit with Easyderma covers only the aspects of an online visit. Depending on your case, your doctor may determine that an in-office diagnostic or therapeutic procedure is needed to best address your condition. That in-office visit would be outside of Easyderma, and payment or insurance coverage for those services would be separate and payable to the hospital/clinic directly.

How long does it take to receive a response after I submit my case?

On an average, you will receive a response from a Dermatologist the same day, unless the pictures that you sent are not clear and doctor has asked you to submit new pictures and asked you some questions for you to respond. In that scenario, the doctor will have to wait for new pictures and/or your answers to doctor’s doubts.