How often you heard the names like laser treatment ? Have you tried it before ? If not please read  this article and see how it gonna help you many ways.

Laser TreatmentAcne can be a nightmare for many. Many times, when an acne on your skin gets faded, it leaves a little scar on your face and your whole world goes upside down. You get so conscious of your skin that even a little scar on your skin bothers you so much that you start avoiding social gatherings.

To our rescue, there is an option, Laser therapy or in other words laser treatment. When this word, laser therapy appears, only one thing comes to our mind hair and laser. Does a laser acne treatment works?  There is a process of laser resurfacing to treat our scars through laser. Laser skin resurfacing is a famous restorative methodology that can help revive the skin and decrease the impacts of the sun, maturing, and some facial skin issue. Medicines are impactful, powerful, and helpful.

Additionally, the cost of restorative laser skin resurfacing is insignificant contrasted with numerous other treatment alternatives. Take in more about how laser skin restoration, or laser peel as it is regularly called, evacuates harmed external layers of skin and animates the generation of collagen and new skin cells in the hidden layers, achieving smoother, more youthful, more advantageous looking skin.

Understanding scars and how they are formed and scar that you have ?

Usually, when our skin gets layered with dust and dirt and gets damaged, then a scar is formed. So what is a scar actually? When our outer layer of skin also known as dermis is damaged, our body forms new collagen fibers which are the naturally occurring protein in our body to compensate the damage and it results in a scar. This function of repairing of the skin layer by our body leaves a scar. Also, there are instances when you get a small pimple on your face and you start picking it, this shall not be done. The picking of pimples leaves a scar that is hard to wash away. This picking of pimples can sometimes lead to bacterial infection and will take a lot of time and care to recover.

There are various kinds of acne scars and they are as follows:

Keloid scars – These scars are the consequence of an excessively forceful mending process. They stretch out past the first damage. After some time, a keloid scar may hamper development. Medications incorporate surgery to expel the scar, steroid infusions, or silicone sheets to level the scar. Littler keloids can be dealt with utilizing cryotherapy (solidifying treatment utilizing fluid nitrogen). You can likewise counteract keloid development by utilizing weight treatment or gel cushions with silicone when you are harmed. Keloid scars are most basic among individuals with dim skin.

Contracture scars – On the off chance that your skin has been scorched, you may have a contracture scar. These scars fix skin, which can debilitate your capacity to move. Contracture scars may likewise go further, influencing muscles and nerves. These kind of scars are hard to deal with.

Hypertrophic scars – These are grown, red scars that are like keloids yet don’t go past the limit of the damage. Medications incorporate infusions of steroids to decrease aggravation or silicone sheets, which straighten the scar.

laser treatmentSkin breaks out scars. On the off chance that you’ve had extreme skin break out, you presumably have the scars to demonstrate it. There are numerous kinds of skin inflammation scars, running from profound pits to scars that are precise or wavelike in appearance. Treatment alternatives rely upon the sorts of skin inflammation scars you have.
Laser treatment for acne is a really good option and if you are having a bad acne then you shall go for laser treatment.


How does it work ? Laser treatment for acne is good or bad ?

In case you’re flinching as you envision a laser beam dancing your face, you can unwind. The genuine encounter is nearer to centered flashes of a hot, prickling consume, and keeping in mind that you can obviously feel something is going on, the sensation isn’t sufficiently serious to warrant desensitizing cream, soporific, or even ibuprofen. Truth be told, when you feel it, it’s gone—legit. I’d contrast it with modest extreme shivers of electricity produced via friction. You’re additionally not subjected to one maintained “Will this ever end?!” stream of laser is just utilized as a part of split-second “flashes” at each inconvenience spots, which makes the destroying feeling of warmth simpler to hold up under. The tip of the gadget utilize a SmartCool fan, which constantly blows super icy air to help mask the distress while doctor rapidly destroys every little area. This chills your skin, as well as diverts your nerves—a deeply rooted trap in pharmaceutical. Laser treatment for acne is good or bad? It all depends on your skin type, your post therapy care and the dermatologist operating you.

In the event that you have a ton of ground to cover (e.g., a few zones with hyperpigmentation), the inconvenience can begin to get up to speed with you—absolutely fine to approach the doc for a little break. Be that as it may, it never winds up anguishing—perhaps sufficiently awkward to squirm in your seat a bit.

Who shall go for this treatment?

Laser skin resurfacing or laser treatment is suitable for a person who has got lines and marks. A person with prominent lines and, scars and, inflammation on the skin and other parts of the body is an ideal candidate for the laser therapy.

A person with any medical condition that may affect health shall not go for this treatment.

An ideal candidate shall not have an oily, loose skin which is more prone to skin injury but instead a person with less oily skin with elastic skin shall go for the laser therapy. Any person going for the treatment shall first educate himself about the possible side effects and benefits of this treatment and shall take a firm decision as the whole process is divided in 3-4 sessions and one need to complete all the sessions regularly to get the best outcome. People with medical conditions shall not go for the laser therapy as this laser might affect you adversely if proper consultation is not done.

The pigmentation used during the laser therapy is harmful and the laser is not fully consumed on the affected area by our skin, either the skin gets affected by it or gets absorbed in and in both ways it can be injurious to health so people with minor skin disorder shall not go for this treatment.

Is it really effective?

Though the answer to this question is very subjective and is different for different people, still this process is a well researched and drafted. This process involves treating the affected area with a laser to change the color or the texture of that area.  This process is good for those who are light skinned as in case of pigmentation they will show good comparable results and in case of a minor injury, the light skin won’t display too visual injury which could be more visual in the case of a dark-skinned person.

This process is a tailor-made solution to your skin which treats the skin for the scarring acne.
If the post-therapy care is in place and therapy is conducted by experienced professionals then this laser treatment will be really effective.

Does a laser acne treatment work?

Yes if a programmed structure is followed then it will work wonder for you.

What are the side effects?

After laser skin resurfacing or restoring, certain symptoms may emerge among specific patients. In any case, these are generally minor and should blur away in a brief span. Basic reactions incorporate redness of the skin, swelling of the treated region, and direct disturbance like the inclination delivered by the gentle sunburn. In uncommon cases including laser skin re-emerging, symptoms, for example, burning, scarring, or an adjustment in the pigmentation of the skin have happened. Amid an interview with a prepared dermatologist, patients will audit potential dangers and talk about the probability of difficulties creating for them.

Transitory Redness: After the treatment, it is regular to see some mellow redness in the zones that got treated. In any case, the redness, for the most part, leaves within a matter of days. The best activity being delicate with your skin and abandon it to recuperate individually. On the off chance that the redness keeps on being an issue following a few days, please call your specialist.

Mellow Swelling: You may encounter some mellow swelling after the treatment has been finished, however, it for the most part, dies down individually following a couple of days. Your specialist may endorse a medicine that will cut the swelling down. Other than that, the best strategy is to be cautious of your skin and let it recoup without impedance. In the event that the swelling perseveres following a few days, make certain to counsel your dermatologist.

Mellow Pain: On the off chance that you are encountering a skin inflammation breakout as you experience the treatment, you may encounter mellow torment amid the methodology. Your specialist will most likely apply a pain relieving to your skin preceding the strategy to keep you as agreeable as would be prudent. It isn’t phenomenal to encounter some mellow agony after the laser treatment, and your specialist will most likely help by either endorsing a gentle torment reliever or prescribing an over-the-counter pharmaceutical to help with your uneasiness.

Hyperpigmentation: Hyperpigmentation or an obscuring of the skin, is a substantially less normal reaction, however, at some times happen in patients with darker skin tones. Examine this hazard with your specialist before you do the technique, in the event that you feel it will be an issue for you. In the event that, after you have the treatment, you see patches of darker skin, make sure to call your dermatologist for a subsequent counsel. Luckily, laser treatment is a non-obtrusive technique for skin inflammation control that has not very many reactions, and none of the symptoms are sufficiently extreme to warrant an undue alert. In the event that you essentially take the guidance of your dermatologist, you ought to have no enduring torment, swelling or redness after the methodology.

Some people had major improvement with their acne spots and it worked wonder for them.  Usually Laser treatment is kept as the lender of the last resort but at times when you cannot take it anymore, well it’s time for your appointment with Dermatologist.

Laser treatment for acne before and after pictures

Here are few a before and after pictures of people who went under laser therapy and you can see that it worked amazingly well for them.







Shall I go for it?

The process has very less and mild side-effects,so this is considered as a safe alternate to other treatments to treat our skin. The laser shone to the skin is controlled and so it does not allow any laser rays to fall randomly on the skin. This process is safe and if you have mild to severe acne then you shall go for this process as it will remove all your scars and will give you a brighter and healthy skin to show off. Even using IPL laser with Levulan will give you redness for several days but there are no other major side effects of the laser treatment.

The overall procedure has very minimal pain on the affected area. Usually, the area is numbed before performing the laser procedure and after the laser procedure is done all you need to do is to take care of the affected area. Your skin is very soft and delicate and when it is treated with any such laser treatment it becomes vulnerable to various skin problems so proper care is a must condition for proper healing of the laser treatment.

Overall, if you can take care of your skin after the laser treatment then it is the best alternate for your skin. Also contact us to know more about regarding this.