What!! Can light really treat acne? How does light therapy or acne work ?light therapy for acne Yes, surprisingly. We have come a long way now where even acne and other skin diseases can be treated by blue and red lights. But are those lights just any other lights?

The acne forms in pores, the tiny hole in our skin from which hair follicles come out. We have glands which secrete oil in our body and that oil is released by those pores and when those pores are clogged with oil and dirt, our body tries to fight it out and in turn causes our skin to become reddish. This reddish part is called acne and acne these days can be cured by light therapy.

The bacteria in our skin caused due to acne are light sensitive to some kind of lights and those lights when shine on our skin, kills those bacteria and also shrinks the oil creating glands.

Throwing a light at your face to tame acne might sound magical and gimmick at the same time but this is possible nowadays as our science has made progressive advancements in the field of dermatology.

What kinds of lights are used in light therapy? What does the light do? And what does it have to do with acne?

Sunlight is a good source of light and can help in treating acne as an at home solution but the special wavelengths of red and blue lights help in bringing down the acne mask on your body.

These ultraviolet (UV) lights are helpful in treating mild to moderate level acne. The wave length of lights will determine how deeply the light can penetrate the skin. There are various seasons in a year, every day is a different day and you must have noticed that your skin looks smoother and aesthetically beautiful in some season while looks dull and dead in some season. This happens because light rays reaching our skin are different throughout the year, sometime violet light may be more dominant or sometime red light maybe more dominant so our skin never stays the same throughout the year.

Our skin responds to light and so experiments have been done on light being able to treat our skin. Fruitful results were found, so nowadays it is possible to treat skin disease like acne can be done by light therapy. This light therapy is also known as phototherapy, photo means light and therapy means treatment so a treatment done by using light and hence, the name is phototherapy.

There are various types of devices used for this therapy and the top ones of blue light are:

  • Baby Quasar CLEAR RAYZ Skincare Therapy Device
  • True Glow by Conair Light Therapy Solution
  • TandaZap Facial Spot Treatment, Blue

These devices are easy to use at home but a prior consultation with dermatologist is required to carry on the process as wrong or faulty using may increase your pain.

How does photo therapy or light therapy for acne work ?

This process of photo therapy is a way of treating acne by non-laser methods and can treat mild to moderate level acne. UV lights reduce the inflammation of the skin and can reduce inflammatory skin disorders. You will have to visit your dermatology expert once for the session and another time for post therapy-follow up in a week or so. During your session of photo therapy, you sit in front of a LED light panel consisting of either blue or red or sometimes both, and you have to sit for 25-30 minutes depending on the intensity of the lights. There are various benefits of light therapy. The two types of lights are red and blue and both helps in reducing the inflammation, reducing the reddish spots and killing the bacteria on your skin.

The main benefit of red light therapy for acne is that it has been found to reduce inflammation. This means it can reduce painful swelling and therefore decrease spot size. Red light therapy also stimulates how cells make energy, giving them a higher metabolism. This means the cells function better, including making proteins like collagen more. Collagen keeps skin elastic and plump and gives an overall youthful appearance.

Red light is also able to improve circulation, which improves the flow of oxygen and nutrient-rich blood to the cells enabling them to function better. This also includes improved lymphatic drainage, which is the method by which the body clears away waste products. By encouraging lymphatic drainage, the body is able to flush away impurities and toxins which can cause spots and pimples.

The blue light treatment is used for skin break out patients with red pimples (fiery skin break out). The gadget highlights blue light heartbeats that annihilate microbes inside follicles and pores underneath the skin’s surface, treating mellow to direct skin break out and accomplishing brilliant, clear skin. All patients with worries over undesirable skin break out are potential patient for this treatment, paying little heed to their skin tone or seriousness of skin inflammation, which will leave them looking for this treatment as a boon. Blue light is not a solution for those who are already on some oral treatments, yet blue light is an option for the individuals who wish to maintain a strategic distance from physician endorsed prescription. Both blue and red light can be used to reduce the reddish spots, bring down the inflammation of the skin and to give you the best glowing acne-free skin.A clear acne-free skin is the end result of this process.

light therapy for acneAre there any side effects?

Well definitely there are going to be some mild side effects of photo therapy but these won’t be very serious or long lasting. First of all, you need to stay away from the direct sunlight as the direct sunlight will give you a burning sensation on your skin and will hamper removal of oil and bacteria from your skin hence bringing you to square one. You need to take a lot of care of your skin post therapy as your skin is vulnerable to various possibilities which may lead to harming your skin.

Diarrhea: Our liver is directly associated with jaundice as our liver secrets bile juice and bile juice is the cause of jaundice, so after few sessions of photo therapy, the concentration of bile salts in the colonic contents of neonates increases and makes our liver to suffer. A weak liver or an ill-functioned liver leads to jaundice and also results in diarrhea. The case of diarrhea has been noted in many cases and sometimes in extreme cases, the small intestine needs to be operated.

Cataract: Sometimes when the UV light rays are shone on the face or near to face. Sometimes, some patients have light related eye diseases and after few sessions of photo therapy, they don’t really take care of the direct sunlight and it leads to cataract. Also patient with light related eye diseases when treated for photo therapy shall be shone with less bright light as high bright light will make their retina inefficient and hence results in cataract. A protective eye wear shall be used to reduce the chances of potential cataract.

Premature aging of the skin: Making anything too artificial can snatch its originality, the same way when UV rays are treated for a prolonged time, you may see some dry or itchy patches on your body. Also, wrinkles can also occur at the affected area when overexposed to UV rays for a prolonged time.

Headache: It is one of the very common side effects of photo therapy, you may suffer from headache during or post the photo therapy and it may range from mild to moderate. In case of severe head ache, medication will be prescribed by the doctor. It doesn’t really last long. You shall ask the doctor in advance if you are taking any of your medicine for your headache as some medicine might not go along with your current medication and phototherapy.

Dryness: Due to over-exposure to UV light directly on the skin for a prolonged time, your skin may get some dry and itchy patches. Your skin generally heals these patches but you are advised not to go in direct contact with sunlight and shall keep on hydrating yourself. Avoid using any sunscreen or any other moisturizer while on photo therapy, unless otherwise prescribed by your doctor.

Skin cancer: UV rays have always been linked with skin cancer and when your skin constantly comes in contact with the UV rays and then outside dirt and pollution and direct sunlight, may break in cancer.You need a special care to avoid skin cancer while on a photo therapy cycle.


Do you actually need it ?

In case you are facing bad acne and want to get rid of it, then you shall consider going for the softer process than laser therapy and light therapy will work excellent for your acne. Laser therapy is generally prescribed to those having some serious level of acne with their whole face or body covered by acne. Laser therapy is not the only option as one can go for photo therapy to bring down their acne to some level. Photo therapy will not give you the same result as laser therapy because in laser therapy your skin will be custom developed to the desired result and is a bit painful and mildly risky treatment for your skin. You need to know all the benefits of light therapy before going for the process. Instead, a properly programmed photo therapy treatment can also treat your acne while doing a smaller hole in your pocket. Photo therapy is less expensive and less care is needed post therapy when compared to laser treatment.

Boon or bane?

With all the benefits and side effects listed above, how do you consider photo therapy? A boon or a bane?

Photo therapy, when done under experienced professionals with right and advanced techniques can be a boon for those suffering from mild to moderate therapy. Also, photo therapy is a boon for those who have a bad case of acne but too afraid of laser therapy as they may reduce their acne to some degree but photo therapy, when done by inexperienced professionals without proper equipment may come as a bane to you. You shall always go for high standard devices to avoid any mishap. If post therapy phase is not treated well and no care is done, then it might result in some of the worst side effects, hence spoiling all your time and efforts and making it the worst decision of your life.

What to look for when going for a photo therapy treatment ?

You should see a Dermatologist (a specialist who spends significant time in distinguishing and treating skin conditions) to have light treatment. The light treatment might be given in a healing facility or master center. Business sunbeds aren’t a viable treatment for skin issue, as they create an alternate sort of light. You should go to healing facility between a few times each week for a course of light treatment and the vast majority have in the vicinity of 15 and 30 medications. It might be conceivable to have a few sorts of light treatment at home. On the off chance that home photo therapy is a choice, you will for the most part have your underlying treatment at healing facility and afterwards start utilizing a light unit at home. You should take after your Dermatologist’s guidelines and keep on having consistent registration. Approach your Dermatologist for more data or visit our website for quick consultation.

Where ever you go for your photo therapy, check for proper updated equipment and also check the professional’s experience in relevant cases.

For more information, please visit our website www.easyderma.com and if you are planning to go for a light therapy please book an appointment with our Dermatology experts.