Today we will be discussing in depth about the uses and benefits of Salicylic acid. After reading this entire post you will be getting a clear picture on how they really work against pimples. So lets jump into it.

Have you at any point been sitting tight for a wedding or celebration excitedly and then finally a pimple flies up to demolish your mindset? This occurs with the best of us and unfortunately it ruins our mindset in this excellence-driven society.

If you are on this page, then, you must have faced this situation and know how difficult it gets for you to cope up with the situation. You get conscious about the way you are going to look and all this mess makes you uncomfortable in your skin. You must have tried applying Colgate; it clears the pimple but your skin loses the shine in the long run, though a widely used trick in the locals, it does not treat a scar well and shall not be considered as a long-term solution. There are numerous home remedies for our skin to defeat acne and make our skin shine every time but sadly those home remedies are very subjective and there is no surety whether one will benefit from them or not, because if some product ‘x’ is suitable for me and working well for me, it is not compulsory that it will affect the other person the same way. Home remedies are no magic formula and take a lot of time to prove their effectiveness so we need to keep looking for a better, effective and less time-consuming alternative all the time.

There is an acid, a good one for the skin, which when applied to our skin, removes all the scars and pimples – Salicylic Acid. Questions may arise that does salicylic acid make skin darker? What are the uses of Salicylic acid? How to use salicylic acid on face to cure acne?

Salicylic Acid is the nectar for our skin. This acid is a magical potion, for teenagers and for people who have been suffering from acne on the face and other body parts.

What exactly is Salicylic Acid ?

Salicylic acid is used to exfoliate the skin from the dead and dirt particles.  Salicylic acid benefits include that it is treated as one of the biggest enemies of the pimples. It is also one of the primary ingredients of aspirin due to the pH value of the product. This chemical is extracted from the willow trees and the name of this chemical is derived from the Latin language, Salix the word used for willow trees as it was first made from a complex carbohydrate found in willow bark. Salicylic acid is also another name for Beta Hydroxy Acid (BHA) which is one of the only hydroxyacids that can be applied to the skin. Raw salicylic acid is never used, instead, the lotions that we use are made in labs because a high concentration of this acid is not required to treat our skin. A 2% content of salicylic acid in a lotion is all that is required for our face and a maximum of 15-18% for our body. The BHA property makes it the worst nightmare of pimples.

Question may arise that does salicylic acid make skin darker, and the answer to this will be no as it works as a peeling agent so it helps to correct the abnormal shedding of the outer layer of the skin that usually is covered by dirt and sweat and opens the pore to remove oil from the skin. It must be used continuously as its effect washes out when you stop using it.

What are the uses of salicylic acid for acne scars?

  1. Clear and gentle exfoliation for smoother skin: It helps to exfoliate the dead skin from our body. Salicylic acid can be used in the form of body wash, face wash and also as shampoos and they can help in removing the dirt from our body which in turn will prevent from clogging up dirt with sweat and oil. The pore stays open and does not allow the dirt to stay longer on our skin. In the absence of dirt and oil, our skin will look fresh, glowing and smoother.
  2. It reduces the pore size and sheds the abnormal complexion: The pore size is reduced as there will be a regular cleaning in process. The regular cleaning will allow the skin to breathe in fresh oxygen and release the oils very fluidly from the pores. The cleaning process will stop a dirt layering or layering of acne to stay on our skin so it will help us to attain that clear complexion we always desired.
  3. Brightens the complexion: As it clears off all the dirt from our skin and being a peeling agent it helps in the abnormal shedding of the outer layer so it enhances our complexion. Salicylic acid clears all the acne and pimple on our face and allows the oil to get out from our skin pores which give us a brighter complexion. Sweat washes away the dirt from your skin and when there is no clogged up oil or dirt on your skin then naturally your skin will have a brighter complexion.
  4. Anti-inflammatory properties: It acts as an anti-inflammatory agent and reduces the reddish spots of the acne. The acid fights out the bacteria and even kills the natural habitat necessary for bacteria to form which saves us from many skin irritation and reddish spot

Where to apply?

This question may come up in your mind “how to use salicylic acid for acne scars” and where to apply salicylic acid. Below mentioned are the places on where to apply salicylic acid.

Clogged pores: The salicylic acid shall be used on the clogged pores. Clogged pores are those pores on our skin which are generally clogged or clumped up due to the dirt or sweat on the skin. The dirt and sweat clogs the skin pores and doesn’t allow the oil to come out of the pores via hair follicles. The acid will be really helpful in opening the clogged pores and pushing out all the oil that our glands secrete. This acid is good for clearing the skin and washing out the outer layer of dirt giving us an even and smoother skin.

Oily skin: If you are someone with oily skin and tend to sweat a lot in summers, then this acid is for you. How to use salicylic acid for acne scars? Well you need to apply this lotion or cream on the area where you sweat a lot or the body part that stays oily without using any product. By using this acid, the oil skin will lose the oil coming out of our body and gives us a glowing, acne-free skin. Oily skin gives rise to acne and if we destroy the source from its inception and do not allow the oil to clog, then we won’t have any bad acne or pimple.

Aging skin:
How to use salicylic acid on face? If your skin is losing all its glow and freshness then you shall use salicylic acid to treat your aging skin. Aging is a natural process and we cannot stop aging at our own will, but we can treat our aging skin with salicylic acid. Our aging skin gets dull after a time when not taken good care, salicylic acid will help to give you back the lost freshness and will give you a glowing skin. Rub salicylic acid content cream or lotion twice a day for better results.

 Hyperpigmentation: Hyperpigmentation is a typical, generally safe condition in which patches of skin wind up darker in shading than the ordinary encompassing skin. This obscuring happens when an overabundance of melanin, the dark colored shade that produces ordinary skin shading, frames stores in the skin. The hydroxy acid (salicylic) increases our cellular turnover by stimulating our skin to shed the outer dirty layer of our skin. There have been positive responses to the use of salicylic acid for treating hyper-pigmentation. Though, a long term process but researches show a positive result in people using salicylic acid for treating their hyperpigmentation. Does salicylic acid make skin darker? So, the answer is no.

Who shouldn’t use?

Any person with some medical condition or with a past of liver or kidney disease or diabetes or heart patient shall consider consulting their doctor before using it.

If you are here reading this and finds confidence in this product, then too it is necessary to visit your dermatologist or our experts to consult before using it, sometimes people have some skin condition of which they don’t have any knowledge and they end up with skin allergies and blame the product they used.

The harmful effect of Salicylic acid on a pregnant woman is still not backed by any study but do not use this acid without a doctor’s consultation.

A breastfeeding mother shall also refrain from using this acid. There are no proper conclusive studies in case of this acid but still it is advisable not to take any acid or any such thing when you are vulnerable to diseases and when any foreign object can harm your body risking both yours and your infant’s lives.

How much to use salicylic acid acne scars?

This acid is of a great benefit for people with oily skin. This acid breaks down the skin fat and opens the pores to remove oil and dirt. It helps in unclogging the pores which in turn harbors the bacteria. The perfect mix to be applied on skin shall not be concentrated and shall be used in a particular manner such as:-

The Salicylic soap contains little 2-3% acid so it shall be used thrice a week.

The Salicylic cream has about 6% acid so it shall be used twice a week for a night and wash away the face in the morning.

The body wash contains near to 20% acid so it shall be used daily twice.

Try using this acid while going to bed if you are using it in cream form or just use the face wash when you come back to home from sun or dirt. This is a strong acid against dirt and oil and it washes away all these impurities. A good morning shower everyday is advisable using this product to keep your skin clear and free of acne.

Who benefits the most from it?

All those people who have been suffering from mild acne will benefit from this acid.

The results may sound magical but this is no magic lotion, when you apply it to the affected area for some time, it will work well. This will help you to save a lot of money that you might be thinking to spend on the expensive laser treatment and other treatments which digs a hole in your pocket. It is like when you are preparing for a test and study for 2 hours every day for a month vs studying for last two nights for a long stretch, the process of constant studying every day is always favorable for effective and result oriented studies because then your base is strong and you know what to do and how to achieve your goal and in the last moment study you just do it for the sake of doing it with no vision and result unknown. So, the same way if you wash your face every day with this acid and use it on a daily basis then you will have a vision, where you want to take your skin to and you will know what things are hampering it.

Just medication or more than that?

This acid is not just a medication to those who are suffering from bad acne but a boon for them as they can finally get rid of their acne and no obstacle will now stand between them and a clear healthy skin. With the aid of a proper program of medicines and this acid prescribed by your dermatologist, this acid can save you a lot of bucks and will gift you a skin to boost up your confidence in your daily life.

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