Healthy habits to adopt for an acne-free clear skin.

Acne is one of the most common skin conditions in adults. Nobody wants pimples to be a permanent guest on their face. It’s better to avoid them right at their core than to treat them when they start causing major skin damage.

Acne-free Clear Skin
Acne-free Clear Skin

Growing up, you must have heard tons of home remedies to treat acne. From applying besan to following a 10-step skincare, you must have been through it all. However, no matter what you do, acne always finds a way back to you. They become the unwanted guests that arrive before every big day, ruin your confidence and then stay around to irritate you.

Most pimples are caused due to internal imbalances or the junk intake of the body. You cannot always control your hormones, but you can ensure your body gets the necessary nutrients to maintain the natural 5.5 pH of the skin. A balanced pH solves most of your acne problems. If you’re wondering about the importance of a healthy skin pH, the following blog shall perfectly answer all your pH related queries,

Your Skin pH and why it matters | Why it matters and how to restore it.

Acne-prone skin
Acne-prone skin

After carrying out all the remedies and treatments, one thing is clear; it's hard fighting acne. They are natural and can happen to anyone at any point of time. Even though it is hard to fight existing acne, you can definitely stop the occurrence of new ones.

We are all aware of acne-related problems; we now need acne-stopping habits. Here, we have listed a few Dermatologist-approved habits to end your acne problems. It’s finally time to achieve acne-free clear skin. Dive into the following healthy habits to bid goodbye to acne.

  1. Set up your Water and Sleep Cycle.

  2. Regular Cleansing Sessions.

  3. A pH-balanced Care.

  4. What is a Dermatologist-recommended fix for acne?

Set up your Water and Sleep Cycle.

Proper Sleep Cycle for Healthy Skin
Proper Sleep Cycle for Healthy Skin

The first step to a clear skin is water, lot of water. A human body requires 3 liters of water each day. The number is small, yet most of us fail to sip even 3 glasses of water. The greater your water intake, the lesser the chances of new acne. Water essentially cleanses all your internal impurities and releases them out.

Another important thing leading to acne growth is an improper sleep schedule. Excessive stress, binge-watching, work overload can steal away your rest time. The lesser rest you give your body, the weaker your acne-fighting cells. Your face sheds off dead skin cells when your body is shut. This shedding is important to keep your pimple worries at bay.

Regular Cleansing Sessions.

Pimple Problem
Pimple Problem

Cleansing is usually the first step of any skincare. A good cleanser removes all the toxins from your skin, prepping it to absorb every skincare nutrient. Wash your face with cold water multiple times a day and use a hydrating cleanser at least twice a day to deeply cleanse your skin’s impurities. Acne-prone skin must be treated with the Easyderma 5.5 pH acne support bar to generate the best results.

For dry or combination skin, you must opt for the Easyderma moisturizing bar as your skin requires hydration. Watch out for the ingredients list. You do not want to rupture your skin just in the haste of achieving acne-free skin. Ensure that your cleansing bars are sulphate free and gentle on the skin.

A pH-balanced Care.

pH-balanced Moisturizer
pH-balanced Moisturizer

Little by little, you must switch to a complete pH-balanced routine. You are already aware of the importance of a healthy skin pH; now is the time to work towards attaining that pH. Dermatologists recommend pH-balanced products as they first heal your skin and then heal your skin conditions. If your skin isn’t fully healed, your pimples are sure to visit you again.

Start by integrating a pH-balanced moisturizer. It shall provide the necessary nourishment and also prevent acne causing bacteria from entering your skin. Ensure that your moisturizing lotion has shea butter, as this is a non-comedogenic moisturizing ingredient. Along with this, ensure your moisturizing lotion also has saccharide isomerate which is a 21st century vegan hydrating agent proven to provide maximum & long-lasting hydration to your skin. You can also use it as a primer before applying your makeup. Apply the moisturizer and let it heal your skin overnight.

What is a Dermatologist-recommended fix for acne?

Easyderma for Skin

While the Dermatologists are recommending all these healthy habits, they also recommend the pH-balanced and sulphate-free care of Easyderma. It is a perfect elixir for an acne-free, clear skin.

Easyderma is a Dermatologically-approved brand, free from any harmful chemicals. It uses a pH-balanced, sulphate-free formula to provide gentle care to your skin. This syndet formula used in the bars for the nourishing care of your tender skin is essential for keeping skin problems at bay. Easyderma is mild on your sensitive skin and does not cause any harmful side effects compared to ordinary soaps.

Shop for Easyderma products online and have them shipped to your doorstep.

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