Easyderma Ultra Moisturizing Lotion's tri-functional complex of vitamin, sugar and lipids helps restore the skin barrier. It's natural film formers prevent further moisture loss from the skin mantle and the ingredients take care of repairing and providing maximum moisturization to your skin. This lotion is formulated in a mild vanilla fragrance to provide immediate soothing and softening.

Easyderma Ultra Moisturizing Lotion (Pack of 2) | Free Shipping

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    • Provides intense moisturization for dry to normal skin
    • Contains natural ingredients
    • Neutral pH of 7
    • Free from Parabens
    • Formulated with a tri-functional active complex of lipids, sugars and vitamins
    • Keeps skin soft, supple & hydrated upto 72 hours on one application
    • Very mild vanilla fragrance to provide immediate soothing and softening
    • Suitable for very dry & sensitive to normal skin
    • We suggest using this lotion liberally on a daily basis for the entire body